Exhaust fan for a basement bathroom?

Dear Ron,

I am remodeling my basement bathroom and I was wondering if I need a bathroom exhaust fan installed?

Thanks for the advice – Stan W. Chelsea

Dear Stan,

Bathroom exhaust fans are necessary in any bathroom on any level of the building. A bathroom cannot pass inspection without a fan and a light in Massachusetts. It does not have to be a combination, but you will have to have both fixtures.

Bathroom fixtures i.e. sinks, tubs and showers produce a lot of humidity. Humidity can lead to mold. An exhaust fan will prevent humidity and lower the risk of mold growing in your bathroom. Odors caused by defecating and urinating are also removed by exhaust fans, this reduces the need for harmful sprays.

Exhaust fans can be located anywhere in the bathroom, the homeowner can decide. It is important that the venting of the exhaust fan terminates at the outside of the building.

Thanks, or the question! ~Ron


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